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Electric Motors

DC Motors

DC motors are designed to run on Direct Current electricity. As a whole they are slowly being phased out and are becoming harder to find as the number of manufacturers producing DC motors continues to dwindle. Today, it often makes sense to replace a DC motor with an AC motor and VFD, eliminating the need for brushes and much of the maintenance associated with DC motors. If that is not an option there are still a few manufacturers such as Baldor and GE that produce a large variety of DC motors.

ESR Motor Systems stocks an assortment of DC motors and supplies Carbon Brushes for DC motors as well. We represent several manufacturers that produce DC motors.

Featured Manufacturers:


  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Horsepower: .13 - 700
  • Voltage: 200, 208-230/460, 230/460, 460, 575
  • Enclosure: TEFC, ODP
  • Material: Aluminum, Rolled Steel, Cast Iron
  • Efficiency: Premium Efficient
  • Cycle: 50Hz, 60Hz


  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyors
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Tools
  • General Applications